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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Learn numbers in different languages! Andoid applications.

Some minutes in train or plane and you can make calculations in new language.

Today more modern multimedia technologies are getting better and better. Here you can use one of the modern methodologies For the rapid study of the foreign numbers. If you travel to another country, you need to know how to count and to know their numbers: when you pay for the product, calculate the change, ask the route number, get the room number at the hotel. Using a combination of calculations and numbers' names you can quickly learn and apply them in real life. In addition to that during training you develop your ability to calculate quickly, memorize numbers and improve your memory skills.

 Here you can find links for applications on different languages:

Application for Spanish numbers
Application for English numbers
Application for German numbers
Application for French numbers
Application for Italian numbers

And try demo versions.

If you are follower of with blog and want this application for free, send me private email, and you will get .apk file by post.

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  1. any chance this app has been ported to google chrome?